Blush is an amazing thing. It can take a really tired face and make it look alive once more in a couple of swoops of a blush brush. That said, it can also be tough if you have facial redness to begin with. Yes, rosy cheeks are downright lovely—dare I say, they even make you look healthy—but it can be tough because you want to be flushed in all the right places and not all over your face.

It’s a tricky line to toe, and when toeing said line, it’s best to turn to the pros, namely global makeup artist for Pixi Beauty, Amanda Bell. “If you choose the right base, it neutralizes the rosiness in your cheeks. It reigns it back,” she explains.

But don’t skip the blush entirely once you’ve neutralized your redness, though. Bell suggests opting for a blush that is a more subdued version of the color of your natural flush! For example, if you have redness in your skin, it wouldn’t mean grabbing for a yellow-based blush, which can look jarring. Choose a neutral version instead.

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So what should you pick in this instance? Amanda suggests going for a tea rose, which is a warm rose colo.r She also notes another really flattering hue for everyone is coral, as she says it is 50 percent warm and 50 percent cool and mixes orange and pink.