Tanning is an increasing trend among fair and pale people as nothing is more attractive than having a shimmery golden body.  A tanned skin tone can highlight your curves and cuts perfectly and can conceal the stretch marks and scars at the same time.  People in America and all other countries are becoming crazy over the tanned body and are adopting all the possible ways to get a natural tan. One of the most common methods of getting a tan is through sunlight. There cannot be any better source of vitamin D than the sunlight. But the ground reality is that more exposure to sunlight can cause you more harm than good. The harmful UV rays from the sun are responsible for deadly skin issues and are known to promote the cancerous cells in the body.

If you are a tan lover, you do not have to be disappointed by listening to the harmful effects of the suntan, as there are various methods of getting tan without the sun. There are various ways of getting artificial tanning or indoor tanning without having to face he harmful UV rays.

What is artificial tanning?

For people who are new to this word, it is important for them to first understand the meaning and concept of artificial tanning.  Technically, artificial tanning is also known as sunless tanning or UV- free tanning. It refers to the changing of skin color and making it look dusky and tanned with the help of chemicals and devices.  These chemicals and methods to change the color of the body temporarily give the effect of tanning in a natural way.  The popularity of these methods increased after people became aware of the adverse effects of harmful UV rays.

Moreover, there is a laundry of benefits that indoor tanning brings with it. If you are still not convinced with this fact then here are some of the points defining why indoor tanning or faux tanning is better than baking under the sun.

Benefits of being artificially tanned

Artificial tanning, if done in a proper way can turn out to be more beneficial and safe than the natural way of tanning.  Here are some of the reasons to convince you why artificial or indoor tanning is better:

  • It is safe– this is the first and foremost benefit of artificial tanning. If you use quality products for your body, you can safe your skin from being damaged and become flaky. It is seen that tanning under the sun can make your skin red and painful. But in artificial tanning, you do not have to suffer any pain or torture your skin to get burnt.
  • Time saving– the indoor tanning methods can save you a lot of your time. You do not have to lie under the sun for hours and waste your time in expectation of getting that perfect tan. The artificial methods can do all that in just one or two hours and in the best manner.
  • Flexible– you do not have any control on the tanning if you are under the sun. But with the artificial methods of tanning, you can decide the tint of color and intensity you want. You can decide whether you want a light tan or a deep tan. The flexibility provided by the artificial tanning is a great benefit in itself.
  • It makes you look more attractive– the artificial tanning comes with a purpose of making your skin look attractive. Where in the natural tanning you get a burnet effect in the indoor tanning, you also get the natural glitter and glow on the skin. The artificial tanners can make your goddess look more attractive.
  • Healthy– the organic artificial tanners come with essential oils like jojoba oil etc., which are healthy for the skin. Some of the products come with a fabulous aroma that makes you smell good all the time. You look beautifully healthy instead of looking baked or burnt.

There are a hundred more reasons that make artificial tanning stand out and overrule the sun tanning. You can use the method all year round without having to wait for summers.

Most effective way of tanning without the sun

With the popularity of artificial tanning, several methods and products have come up claiming to give you the perfect tanned look. However, not all the products are feasible. Here we have discussed about the two most effective and safe methods of artificial tanning

The tanning peptide

Tanning peptides are made to give the most attractive and natural looking tan without being exposed to the sun. This is an amazing way to give the faux tan to any complexion be it fair, or very fair in the least time. The perfect tanning peptide that is ruling the hearts of tan lovers is the Melanotan 2 peptide available at lovemelanotan and get from here. It is known to give fast results and heal the damaged skin in a considerable time. The tanning peptide is available in the form of a powder that has to be diluted with water. It is then injected into the skin, and it spreads and is absorbed in the skin very quickly.

The self-tanners

 The self-tanners are available in the form of a lotion that has to be applied and massages over the body and face to get the natural tanned look. To get this look, you have to first exfoliate your body and then apply the lotion all over the body and face. Let the solution dry, and you are all set to rock the look. You can adjust the amount of tanners according to your choice. Use it on a daily basis to get the best results.

Be it the tanning peptide or the self tanners, if you want it to get the best results without harming to your skin, then you have to make sure that the product is of top quality. If you want the results to last longer, then you may use the tanning peptide, and if you are using the self-tanner, then you better keep it organic. So throw away the idea of tanning under the sun, go for the best artificial methods of tanning, and make your skin look better than ever.