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Growth hormone is also identified as somatotropin and is a peptide hormone which gets synthesized and secreted by the frontal pituitary gland.This growth hormone is responsible for encouraging insulin-like growth factor, also called IGF-1 in your liver. That hormone is known as somatomedin C. The functions of growth hormones are alike to its name, they are responsible for making things grow and the growth applies to every type of cell present inside the human body. The properties of Somatotropinare accountable for the growth of long bones and body organs. It is a compound of plentiful of glandular functions that leave its effects on multiple body systems like metabolic, endocrine and musculoskeletal systems.

Somatotropin growth hormone consists of nearly 190 amino acids that are produced and secreted by cellular structures called somatotrophs that are located in the anterior position of the pituitary gland. They are accountable for intricate physiological processes that include metabolism and development. The physiologic impacts of this hormone are either classified as direct or indirect. However, the direct effects result from the capability to fix its receptors to the target cells which performs quite like a jigsaw puzzle. Indirect effects include processes that get moderated by IGF-1. The existence of IGF-1 on the target cells is the chief impact of growth on bones and other tissues.

Fluctuation of the levels

The levels of GH must not be too high or too low as there can occur many conditions due to this. Too much growth hormone secretions initiated in childhood or adolescence results in gigantism. Though found rarely, gigantism mostly results from tumors of somatotrophs. High levels of growth hormone also result in acromegaly. This is proved by puffy growth of bone or muscle tissues in the feet, hands and face which take years to develop. But, it should be kept in mind that the levels of growth hormone differ among people depending on factors like age, weight, gender and health status. The levels of GH remain the highest through childhood and adolescence and gradually decline with age.

The average usual range of GH is somewhere between 1 and 9ng/ml for men and 1 and 6ng/ml for women. In addition, the levels severely vary from day to day and sometimes even all through the day depending on factors like exercise. To diagnose the shortage of GH a blood sample is required but as the levels go up and down naturally measurements are often done during a suppression test.Moreover, if you happen to lack growth hormone due to age then a growth hormone therapy is seldom recommended. Have a talk with your doctor regarding the hormone levels and how to maintain ideal health and wellness.

Injectable form of GH

Proper usage of HGH combined with a doctor’s supervision is the best ways for gaining the profits of HGH injections. Somatotropin growth hormone enhances brain functions, supports the metabolism of fats and sugars in your body, increases muscle mass and decreases fat mass as well as improves bone density. Besides injections, you need to make some alterations to your lifestyle. Eat more nutritious diet, sleep for adequate hours and increase your exercise levels. Always take drugs and injections with care and caution for achieving maximum benefits.