If your skin is itchy or rough, you need a good moisturiser.

All of us dream of flawless skin. But that requires some amount of hard work. And it is best to not wait for too long before seeking help. We asked expert dermatologist Dr Geeta Fazalbhoy, founder of Skin & You Clinic, for signs of skin damage to watch out for and how to remedy them:

1) If your skin is itchy or rough, it means you need a good moisturiser based on your skin type.

2) Pigmentation or blotches on skin and fine lines are an indication of sun damage. You need to add a good sunscreen to your routine.

3) Blackheads, whiteheads and pimples can appear due to increased oiliness of glands or using wrong skin care products.

4) Growth of hair on the chin and sidelocks is an indication of hormonal imbalance.

5) Rash or recurring pimples could be due to an aggressive face wash. Pick one that suits your skin type.

6) Pigmentation on the cheeks, the nape of your neck and underarms could be due to insulin imbalance in the body. This will require weight management and medication. No amount of scrubbing or lightening creams will help.

7) Dark circles are caused due to lack of iron, irregular sleep, rubbing of eyes and harsh cleansers.

8) Dull and uneven skin is caused by deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron.