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Everyone wants glowing, radiant skin, and we all inevitably use our trusted range of cosmetic products– cleansers, moisturisers, and facial masks, but we don’t need harsh chemical or expensive beauty treatments to achieve this. Yoga can add a permanent glow to our faces. Yoga improves blood circulation, removes toxins from the body which in turn helps us look more youthful, radiant and beautiful. Learn from beauty expert Shahnaz Husain how you can use yoga to enhance your beauty.

Yoga improves blood circulation, including the circulation of blood to the skin surface. This is so important for the proper health of the skin, as it helps to supply essential nutrients to the skin. Yoga also promotes the removal of toxins through the skin. Yoga also helps improve blood circulation and oxygenation to the scalp and hair follicles. This contributes to supply nutrients in the blood stream to the hair follicles which in turn promotes hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy. Plus, since yoga reduces stress, it helps in dealing with stress-related conditions like acne, hair loss, and dandruff. Here are a few yoga asanas you should be practising daily for beautiful skin and hair.

Nadi sodhan pranayama: One of the first yoga techniques that you should be practising for beautiful skin and hair is pranayama. The nadi sodhan pranayama helps reduce stress, increase oxygenation and improve blood circulation. Devoting a few minutes every day allows will allow you to clean your entire system. Try these yoga asanas to beat hair loss.

Yoga for glowing skin

Uttanasana – If you are struggling with acne, perform uttanasana. The asana will not only reduce stress but also increase the blood flow to your face giving you a radiant glow.

Kapalbhati pranayama – This breathing exercise also helps you get rid of acne. The kapalbhati pranayama also helps remove carbon dioxide and thus purify the blood.

Dhanurasana – This asana is excellent for removing toxins and flushing the system. It also promotes blood circulation and reduces stress.

Surya Namaskar– Surya Namaskar is ideal, as it exercises the entire body and has a rejuvenating effect on both body and mind. It is a set of 12 poses in a particular sequence, accompanied by controlled breathing. The sun salutation helps the organs stay healthy while keeping the body youthful and the mind calm. It is ideal for delaying the visible signs of ageing on both face and the body.

Yoga for wrinkle-free skin
For wrinkle-free skin, try performing this asana along with pranayama. Stand straight and place feet and legs wide apart. Cover your face with palms and breathe deeply and quickly for ten counts. As you count your breath, rub the face with the fingers, starting from chin to the forehead. Also, rub the area around eyes. This will make the skin smooth, firm and radiant. Also, follow this face yoga tutorial to keep wrinkles away.
Yoga keeps you youthful

  • Regular practice of yoga helps preserve the youthful properties of the body. Yoga keeps the joints flexible, and this goes a long way in keeping the body supple and youthful.
  • With yoga, the posture improves and so does grace of movement.
  • Yoga helps reduce weight. Muscles are toned, and blood circulation improves.
  • Yoga also helps relieve fatigue and allow recuperation of energy. It has powerful rejuvenating and revitalising benefits.