Foods like breads contain carbs.

While foods with carbs are high on taste, it’s not wise to consume them in huge amounts. Findings from a recent study suggest high fat diets are associated with a lower risk of mortality than high carbohydrate diets. A team of scientists studied the diets and mortality of more than 135,000 people across 18 counties and found that those with high carbohydrate intake had a higher risk of mortality than those with high fat diets.

The study, which has been published in The Lancet, found people with the highest 20% intake of total fat – getting around a third of their calories from fate – had about 23% reduced risk of death compared to those with the lowest 20% of fat intake. Consuming more fat, whether that was saturated, polyunsaturated or monounsaturated were all associated with lower mortality. Higher fat diets also appeared to lower the risk of having a stroke.

The study also found that compared to those taking in the lowest 20% of carbohydrates, those who ate the highest 20% had a 28% increased risk of death. “Guidelines recommend low saturated fat, and some recommend really low amounts,” said a co-author, Andrew Mente, an epidemiologist at McMaster University in Ontario, told the New York Times. “Our study, which captures intake at the lowest levels, shows that this may be harmful.”