It is a common knowledge that Steroids helps in promoting muscle growth and performance enhancement in our body. It has been widely used by several athletes and bodybuilders to support their cause. These drugs have medicinal values as well; it has been implicated in the treatment of several diseases. However, these drugs produce heightened effects at higher dosages of administration that might prove to be deleterious for the body. Moreover, there are cases where the drug has been misused by these athletes to have an enhanced effect. To reduce the occurrences of such cases, effective measures are needed to be taken.

Effective measures taken by the government to control the use of steroidal drugs

One of the measures taken by the government of the respective countries is that they either ban or restrict the manufacture and sale of the drug. Most of the steroidal drugs are deemed illegal or prescription only drugs. Another effective measure is to opt for alternatives to these steroids that are not associated with so many health hazards. You can get a list of these alternatives at Steroidio. Using these alternatives will produce a similar response in the body as that of the steroids itself.

What are the safest alternatives to steroids?

If you look into the list of steroidal alternatives, the number of entries will be many. These options can be broadly categorized into prohormones, supplements, and SARMS. These alternatives are regarded as legal and are easily obtained from CVS, GNC, Walmart and even online stores like Amazon. There are other categories that function indirectly by triggering the production of endogenous hormones of the body like Human Growth hormone, testosterone etc. They are known as boosters and enhancers and are available under the brand names of 1-T Tren, or E-Stane. You can obtain these drugs even without a prescription and is available over the counter. But the pertinent question is do they really produce the same effect as that of the steroids? Although it is easy to say that the answer is an obvious yes, but to know and understand the topic, you need to go deep into the details of the anatomical facts supporting it.

Looking into the anatomical aspect of drug effects

The pituitary gland is considered to be the master gland of the body. It secretes a range of different hormones and has been considered as the pillar of the endocrine system. It receives signals from the hypothalamus of the brain and secretes hormones like growth hormone, growth factors, insulin-related hormones etc. These hormones are required for the general metabolism of the body. It also regulates the rate of fat deposition or catabolism and muscle growth. Stimulating or inhibiting any of the factors related to the pituitary gland will be instrumental in generating the desired physiological changes in the body. Most of the steroid alternatives function in these ways. Since their mode of action is quite directed, it generally does not elicit any adverse response.

These are some of the general information regarding the alternatives to steroids and their mode of action. You can get the entire list of it at Steroidio. If you wish to administer these drugs, consult your doctor before taking the drug.