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Toning your muscles just became easier.

I have always been an athlete. So, my body is used to high cardio activity. However, when I went to college, running had to take a backseat. Consequently, I was out of practice and like the rest of you who don’t run regularly, I was hyperventilating after climbing stairs.

Recently, the fitness expert in me wanted to try a new workout. Believe me, I have tried everything to get back into shape. From yoga to joining a gym to cardio dancing, everything has been tried and tested. I did shed all those extra kilos, but the one thing that always pinched me was that my legs and arms just didn’t get into shape. They weren’t firm enough or toned enough. If you have been an athlete through your school years, you will understand my pain.

So, one day, I decided that I will try something new. If I climb stairs, it will definitely burn calories. The best part about this exercise was that I didn’t have to get out of the house, and hence, change from night suit into running wear every morning just to go to my neighborhood park. I will wear my jogging shoes and get to work as soon as possible.

When I started this regime, I decided that the time would be exactly 15 minutes every day, climbing stairs up & down. This means, that unlike my other exercise plans, I needed to stick to this one for at least 6 days a week and not 4 or 5. Since the duration of the workout was less, the momentum had to be more. Here’s what I found after following this routine for 30 days, with Sundays being my off days:

Day 1:
I climb stairs for exactly 15 minutes, do basic stretches and 1 round of pushups. I see that I’m as sweaty as I am after my five brisk-walk rounds in the park. The day definitely becomes more active and I am equally happy, and certainly not tired or exhausted.

Day 10:
I try to go to the park for rounds one day. If you climb stairs every day for 10 days, you are bound to get bored. So I go to the park and the difference can be seen. My earlier jogs were slow and I would be breathing rapidly by the time I reached my last round. But on my 10th day, not only did I take the 8th round swiftly, but my breath seemed to be in control as well. My stamina has undoubtedly increased by this time.

Day 21:
When you buy dresses, there is always that one part of the dress which won’t fit you properly. I saw that after following my 15-minute stair-climb every day, my old dresses seem to be fitting again. Inch loss from below the waist area is in progress. My calf muscles have started feeling tighter and my hips firmer. Within 21 days of following the 15-minute stair-climbing regime, I can see that my lower body is slowly getting into shape. My arms have become firmer than they were and my days are active and not full of lethargy, which was the case after my gym workouts.

Day 30:
It has been a month. With a controlled appetite, 15-minute stair-climb regime everyday, I can confidently vouch for three things:
1. My stomach is in and not bulging out. My waist has definitely lost an inch or so.
2. My arms are stronger and don’t feel tired even when I am washing my hair or taking my shopping bags around with me in the mall.

3. My legs are toning and look great when I am wearing heels.

The plus point is, I achieved all the three things by being home, not having to show your sloppy face to strangers right after you get up in the morning to work out in your pjs!