I’d have to be crazy not to agree with the great man. From baggy flares to flashy boot-cuts and I-can-see-your-coin-slot ones to ripped pairs that cost more than regular ones — the world of jeans has embraced a lot of styles. However what Armani may have conveniently forgotten is that sometimes democracy leads us to make choices that are sometimes very… let’s say, questionable.

Some may call it evolution, but seeing some of these trends, I can only call it a severe case of “What the heck were they thinking?” And to make things a lot more interesting, I recently learnt that Google is collaborating with Levi’s to create a new denim fabric. If Project Jacquard goes as planned, you’ll soon be able to run your hands over your jeans to control your phone. While they’re sort of breathing new life into the term “butt-dial”,somehow I can’t stop picturing people rubbing their jeans in public while saying, “I was just trying to change the music track.”

I’ve seen far too many adult males try to strut their stuff in these almost-second-skin jeans. Rarely have I been struck by admiration.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that my fashion sense is not really top-notch. In fact, if anything, it has become progressively “less interesting” as the years have gone by. I’m a 30-something, rotund (OK, fat) adult male who somehow managed to snag a woman who was definitely out of his league and now resides happily with her and their four-year-old son. That’s not to say that all married and settled men don’t have good fashion sense. I’m just talking about me.