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YOU have a healthy smoothie after a cardio class, so why not have one while you give your skin a workout?

Hyde Park skin and health clinic Advanced Aesthetics is taking the beauty regimen to the next level by offering “gym memberships” for six or 12 months.

Owner Jane Sutherland came up with the “skin gym” concept to make regular treatments and skincare more affordable.

“Skin is the body’s largest organ and often the most neglected. We spend hours at the gym working out our cardiovascular system and muscles, but rarely pay attention to the health of our skin,” she said.

“Our clients can come to us with their skin concerns and budget and we tailor a regimen that is affordable for each individual.”

Alex Ross has a face mask, and fruit smoothie, at Skin Gym in Goodwood. Picture: Calum Robertson

Memberships start at $50 per month, which includes one treatment a month, such as a facial or peel, plus discounts on other services and skincare products.

And recognising that beauty comes from within, the clinic also has an in-house naturopath, Arlyn Tombleson.

“Our skin may reflect internal health issues which can be the result of poor diet, lifestyle choices and stress, so to me it is logical to have a naturopath in our clinic,” Ms Sutherland said, adding that naturopathy consultations can be part of a skin gym membership.

Mr Tombleson can provide clients with nutritional advice, including what to eat for glowing skin.

“The list includes foods containing vitamin A such as sweet potatoes, rockmelon, peaches and watermelon, as well as (foods) for vitamin C,” he said. “These should be eaten daily.”