Now Bengaluru boasts a new Pilates Studio with customised programmes

Pilates Studio, Mumbai, launched The Pilates Studio in Bengaluru last month. It is started by Namrata Purohit and her father, Samir – both Merrithew Pilates certified trainers.

Namrata took to pilates when she was 16. “I had a fall from a horse, injured my knee and underwent surgery. That time, I was playing squash at the National level and was also into football. After the surgery, my sports activities came to a halt, which was difficult for me to comprehend as sports was my life,” recalls Namrata, who attended a Pilates class in Mumbai by chance, organised by her father.

“He had invited trainers from Canada. Before that class, I was into intense rehabilitation and physiotherapies. Though I had no pain, I could not play sports. But pilates changed everything for me. After just four sessions of pilates, I was back on the squash court and football field. My coach too found me more stable than before,” says Namrata, who then went to train herself in pilates from Canada, London and Singapore. She is trained in the Merrithew as “they are one of the best and also all their exercises are supported with intense research,” adds Namrata who has been involved in pilates for nine years now.

She explains the history of pilates and what it involves. “Pilates was started during the Second World War by Joseph Pilates. It was created for men at war. Then it was transformed and used for ballet and contemporary dancers. In this, you are focusing on all-round fitness. The body is worked on the inside out. You learn to stabilise your body,” states Namrata, who wanted to open a Pilates studio in Bengaluru. “This city has a lot of fitness clubs and people are heavily into it. But I felt a need for a Pilates studio – one which is fully equipped with the right instruments and well-trained instructors. Our concept is about making fitness fun, safe and simple. We want people to wake up and think ‘oh fitness is such fun’ and not worry about the stress, aches or the pains.”

She explains that it is for anyone interested in working out not just the “show muscles, but the whole body. Anyone from the age of 10 can take to it.”

Ask her if one can practice pilates at home and she says, “You sure can do the basics. But as pilates has over 500 exercises and needs equipment, you will get the full benefit of this form of exercise at the studio.”

She also adds that there will be classes by international masters at least twice a year and they offer customised training programmes for the injured people.