Surely the best food for your skin is just food, right … fresh food?

Surely the best food for your skin is just food, right … fresh food?

Yes, says naturopath Lisa Guy, but some foods have special magic powers that transform your skin from blotchy and flawed to beautiful and flawless. Someone who knows that is Cameron Diaz, who went from fast-food junkie with acne to clear-skinned advocate for a healthy diet.

Well, Guy, the founder of Bodhi Organics, doesn’t say that exactly.

What she does say is this: “While all wholesome, natural foods play a role in promoting healthy skin, there are certain foods that contain high levels of important skin-nourishing nutrients like omega-3 fats, vitamins C, E and A, sulphur and antioxidants, which make them a particularly good choice for improving your skin’s health and reducing premature ageing.”

Pomegranates have vitamin C that boosts the collagen in the skin

So, Diaz aside, it’s not just a matter of: if you’ve got great genes you can eat whatever you want and the rest of us are stuffed? “Genetics of course plays its part,” Guy admits.

And skincare? “What we put on our skin is also important,” she says. “Soaps and washes have a big influence on the skin’s surface pH, and increasing the skin’s pH makes it more alkaline and therefore more vulnerable to skin irritation and infections, including acne.”

But, she adds, “Eating a good, wholesome, nutrient-rich diet is paramount to promoting good health and radiant, youthful-looking skin.”