Baby Food Diet: Would You Follow This Extreme Diet to Cut Down on Extra Calories?

We live in a world obsessed with ‘lean’ rather than ‘healthy’ when it comes to our body. As such most of us seek out quick ways to cut down on flabs with any means possible. If you thought the Sleeping Beauty Diet

was the craziest diet fad you have heard or read about, wait till you learn about the Baby Food Diet. No, we aren’t talking about the diet plan for babies, but adults who are turning to baby foods to shed those extra kilos. Baby Food Diet, the new internet sensation and ‘Hollywood’ obsession, boasts of being an effective means to cut down on calories and controlling portions. It involves replacing several meals or snacks a day with baby foods to curb cravings.

This diet is said to have become a new favourite of Hollywood actresses. For this diet, you actually feed yourself like a baby; you replace several meals with portions of baby food, from sweet potato mash to pureed peas and blended chicken. All you have to do is eat baby portion (25-75 calories each portion) throughout the day and end with a regular-sized dinner.

baby foodFor this diet, you actually feed yourself like a baby; you replace meals with portions of baby food

Baby Food Diet works on the concept of ‘portion control’. Instead of having proper meals, the food is replaced with several portions of baby food. Health experts, however, point out that baby foods wouldn’t fulfill an adult’s calorie requirement for the day, therefore it is a fad or crash diet. It only helps you lose weight for the short term. Also, replacing your meals with baby food could result in nutritional imbalances and very few calorie intakes.

Why You Shouldn’t Switch to Baby Food Diet

  • Baby foods are easy to digest considering the weak or developing digestive system of the baby; hence the food is processed and lacks fiber, fat and protein- nutrients that take time to digest. Consequently, as an adult, these foods won’t let you stay full for even two hours before indicating hunger. Eventually you will turn to other foods to stay fuller.
  • Baby foods are bland. You can have them only till the time you don’t feel bored.
  • Baby foods can help you only on a short term basis. Long term usage could lead to various ailments due to nutrition deficiencies.

The concept of Baby Food Diet is based on portion-control and if you are thinking to follow this concept, then it is recommended to follow it along with regular foods, considering the amount of important nutrients and calories you need as an adult. It is always good to fuel your body with healthy and whole foods and fruits along with leading a healthy lifestyle that includes exercises. So if you are looking to lose weight anytime soon, you know what you shouldn’t do.