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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Trimming to Taming – A Complete Guide to Brow Care with Anastasia Products

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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Trimming to Taming - A Complete Guide to Brow Care with Anastasia Products

Along with a certain level of skill and technique, the art of grooming the eyebrows requires the right arsenal of products. Until recently, it was difficult to find a go-to brow care brand that offered a comprehensive range of easy-to-use tools and formulas – ranging from brushes and pencils to pomades and powders.

Thankfully, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a one-stop shop for all things eyebrows, offering top quality and professional products that enable you to tackle complete brow care in the comfort of home. From plucking and contouring to trimming and taming, here’s how Anastasia Beverly Hills can transform the way your care for your eyebrows.

Pluck like a pro

Whether you groom your brows at home or get them waxed at the salon, maintaining a well-kept look demands plucking stray strands here and there. For many, the biggest mistake is over-plucking, which can quickly leave you with uneven, misshaped, or barely-there brows. To avoid getting carried away, brow guru and celebrity makeup artist Sebastian Latiolais tells Teen Vogue that it’s best to stay outside of the brow – imagine at least three or four rows – to avoid hacking away at the shape. Also, to minimize irritation, it’s best to pluck post-shower when hair follicles are open and to use a tweezers featuring a slanted, sharp tip.

Over plucked? Allow your brows to grow in for a full three weeks, letting your natural growth pattern to reappear.

  • Top pick for plucking: Anastasia Tweezers are an Italian engineered eyebrow essential, featuring a professional stainless steel design that includes the ideal slant and perfectly adjusted tension for tweezing the tiniest of hairs.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to eyebrows is finding the right shape to complement your face. In general, curvy faces are complemented by high, sharp angles while oval faces are flattered by a wide range of shapes and angles, including steep angular arches and severe lines. Heart shaped face? Keep the arch naturally low and close to the brow bone. Long faces should focus on length, extending the brow line as far as possible across the face, whereas square faces should opt for a thick, dark brow with a strong arch.

2. Find your signature shape

Once you’ve identified the perfect contour for your complexion, the next challenge is to sculpt the shape. Holding a pencil for guidance, each brow should begin just above the tear duct and angle upward to a peak that’s in line with the outer edge of your iris. The end point and angle will vary, but in general, it’s safe to end the brow at a 45 degree angle from the outer corner of each eye.

  • Top shaping essential: Whether you’re mastering the art of shaping at home or simply maintaining your contour in-between appointments, Anastasia Stencils make brow shaping absolutely effortless. These reusable stencils are easy to use and include five shapes to suit any face.

3. Tame unruly brows

Although a thick, full brow is often the object of envy, bushy brows also come with challenges. In particular, coarse hair is often unruly – with strands bending and curling in all directions – creating a disheveled look that easily undermines an otherwise polished appearance. According toCosmopolitan, an eyebrow gel is a must-have essential for smoothing, softening and taming unruly brows, setting the style and shape all day long.

  • Top brow tamer: Tame your brows with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. This clear formula blankets the brows with nourishing botanical conditioners and essential oils, and, unlike other gels, won’t leave them stiff, sticky, or flakey. Layer this gel over other brow products – including pencils and powders, or take advantage of one of Anastasia’s tinted brow gels to fill or correct color as you take control.

4. Lengthen fading brows

For many, thinning brows are a natural part of aging, while others are faced with sparse or uneven brows at birth. One of the most noticeable issues with thinning brows is when it fades into oblivion just past the arch.

Using a brow pencil, you can easily lengthen your brow line in a few easy steps. First, figure out where the tail of your natural brow would end by extending a pencil diagonally from the outer edge of your nostril to the outside corner of your eye. The point where the pencil meets the brow line is the ideal length for a natural look. Next, as you fill the line, avoid using a single swipe of the pencil. Instead, use swift, short strokes of the pencil to create natural-looking hairs. Blend with a brush, and set the look with a tinted brow gel.

  • Best eyebrow extender: Anastasia Brow Definer makes filling, lengthening, and balancing brows effortless. This expertly designed pencil features a retractable, triangular tip on one end and a soft bristled brush on the other, so you can flawlessly fake the perfect brow. Plus, this creamy formula is easy to blend for a natural finish and available in a shade to suit every shade of brows.

5. Fake fullness

Thinning, barely-there brows can be the consequence of aging, over-plucking, or genetics. Although professional treatments that can thicken your brows – including extensions and topical prescription medications – these options are pricey and don’t always work.

Thankfully, it’s easy and affordable to fill sparse brows with the right products. According to Prevention, a brow powder is the go-to product for tackling patchiness. First, pull the skin near the brow to create a smooth canvas for an even application. With a stiff, angled brow brush, dust on the powder in the same direction your hairs grow, using light, soft strokes, focusing on areas that are sparse. Finally, use a spooley brush to blend the color and eliminate excess powder for a natural, flawless look.

  • Best brow filler: Anastasia Brow Powder Duo is a feathery, sheer powder compact that features two shades making it easy to customize your brow color for a flawless and authentic finish. Simply apply the darker hue first where brows are sparse. Then, dust the lighter shade across the entire brow.

6. Trim bushy eyebrows

Those with bushy brows often struggle to achieve the optimal shape and length. But with a few simple steps and eyebrow essentials, you can trim and extend your brows for a polished, more put-together appearance.

First, use a spooley brush to comb all of the hair upward. Any stray strands that noticeably stick out or extend beyond the brow should be trimmed using a tiny scissors. Then, with a slanted tweezers, pluck stray hairs from beneath each brow. This lengthens the brow while slimming the look of your face. Last, make sure that the peak of your arch forms in line with the outer edge of your iris, plucking any stray strands beneath.

  • Top trimming essential: Along with the tweezers above (see # 1), a top-grade eyebrow scissors is key for expertly trimming bushy brows. (Whatever you do, don’t reach for a full-size set of scissors!) Crafted in Italy with top-quality steel, Anastasia Brow Scissors are designed for ultimate precision, featuring the perfect length and shape to expertly trim bushy brows.

In the typical beauty regimen, the eyebrows are the most overlooked area when it comes to grooming and styling. But when ignored, this facial feature can quickly undermine even the most put-together or attractive appearance.

Thankfully, there’s no reason to rely on time-consuming, pricey salon appointments for routine brow maintenance. With Anastasia Beverly Hills, you can craft a complete arsenal of eyebrow essentials – so you can tweeze, trim, shape, lengthen or define your brows for flattering, flawless results that polish off your entire appearance.


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