Myth: If you wash hair too often, you will go bald soon
Fact: Frequent shampooing has no effect — positive or negative — on hairloss. Hereditary hairloss, in fact, is not because of hair falling out, but because of hair being replaced by finer, thinner hair.
Myth: Cutting or shaving makes your hair grow faster or thicker
Fact: Untrue. Because hair is thicker at its base compared to the tip, so hair will appear thicker for few days after a cut. It has no effect on the number of hair sprouting from your follicles.
Myth: OTC medicines can kick-start hair growth
Fact: As much as you’d expect it to be that way, it’s not the truth. There’s no drug that will change the number of follicles in your head.
Myth: Losing 40-100 hair strands a day is normal
Fact: There’s no gold rule to the number of hair strands lost daily. It’s normal only if you are suffering from male pattern baldness.

Myth: Blow drying causes hairloss
Fact: Yes, blow drying can damage your hair and it can fall out eventually, but it also grows back. It does not cause hairfall.
Myth: If I colour my hair, it’ll fall out faster
Fact: Hair treatments such as colouring or bleaching are hard on your hair. But they won’t result in hairloss. If the chemical is strong, hair can break out from the scalp but that’s all.

Myth: Hairloss stops as you get older
Fact: Once hairloss begins, it progresses over a person’s lifetime and never really stops. The rate at which your hair will begin to shed depends from person to person.