The season is already heating up and it looks like it’s going to be a hot, hot summer! As the mercury rises, these 7 cool fashion accessory picks mentioned here will create an effortless & refreshing look even if it feels like the sun is out to get you.

#1. Sunglasses are the first thing you reach for when the sun shines

Sunglasses For Summer

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Check out high street chains for their own brands or try a specialist brand for a cool designer look. Aside from protecting your eyes from harsh UV rays, sunglasses can instantly enhance your style. We have found the stand attention-getter with a classic-cool style. They are Excellent for driving, Biking, Recreation and travel. These plastic sunglasses come in two colors Brown and Black with three Hard cases Brown aviator, black round sunglasses.

#2. Floral Umbrella – When it comes to beating the heat, you always want to keep the sun off your head and create some shade on your face all while looking cute too

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Carrying an umbrella enables you to protect your scalp, face, neck, chest, back, and arms from the sun with one accessory. It provides comfortable shade that can be elusive on hot, sunny days. These floral umbrellas are great looking all-weather UV umbrellas. They have been made with best quality Nylon Material and steel. The umbrellas automatically open with a single press on the release button.

#3. Summer Scarf – A scarf isn’t just for winter anymore!

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Try pairing a summer scarf with your favourite blouse this season for a trendy and sophisticated style. The one we have mentioned here exudes summer with its fun floral print design. The scarf is made of lightweight fabric so it’s comfortable and airy when it’s worn out on a summer day. It’s the perfect accessory to complement your easy-breezy summer look! Take a look at 6 Practical Yet Chic Summer Outfit Ideas for Women.

#4. Go to pool and enjoy summer bikini and beachwear

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‘Comfort is just as important as style,’ … this fashion statement dictates all the swimwear companies in the world to design their products. Before you rock your bikini and expose more skin than usual, it’s natural to feel a little nervous. This 2-piece sexy Black Bikini Set will reveal you’re perfectly toned body. It is made of satin Lycra material and gives your skin a luxurious feel. The set includes a panty with strings and a bra (bust sizes of 30″ to 36″), which you can sport as beachwear. Moreover, the bra comes with removable pads. A must-have for your beach vacations. Colours available are Red and Black.

#5. Socks aren’t just for winters, but can be worn in summers as well

Summer Socks For Ladies

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In summer heat, the average pair of feet sweats a shot-glass worth of water a day. To keep things cooler and to reduce perspiration, go with a lightweight sock. These sweat absorber Fantastic Five Finger cotton Toe Socks are multi-colored and differently designed, free to fit all. These soft and breathable cotton socks will absorb sweat from all over the feet.

#6 Supersox women’s pack of 2 bike combed cotton socks will keep your arms sweat proof

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While enhancing your feminine beauty, it will give you a smarter macho look, like a professional. This is the best product which you can easily found online.On a red base, this supersox product comes in multi designs. It is made in combed cotton fabric, fit to everyone above 15 years of age.

#7. Sun Coats for women – As your skin is vulnerable to sun damage

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This sun protection coat is made from special fabric, 100% Cotton with UV protection factor of 50. Sensitive skin should also be protected from harmful UVA and UVB rays. So, guard your skin with this sun coat which comes with 100% UVA and UVB protection.