5 food ideas that will “clean”  your diet

The onset of spring is a great time to curb unhealthy cravings and shape up your eating habits. Here are five must-try food ideas.

1. Make a carb swap

Switch ‘bad’ carbs for ‘good’ ones. Carbohydrates make you feel fuller for longer and help maintain stable blood and insulin levels.Eat wholegrain instead of white bread.Use brown rice instead of white.Skip sugar in your coffee and satisfy your sweet tooth with fruit instead.
2. Eat earlier, if you can

This allows your digestive system more time to rest and gives you a better appetite for breakfast. This also discourages those telly-watching snacks later in the evening.
3. Keep healthy snacks handy

Keep hunger under control and you won’t be tempted to buy fatty or sugary treats while you’re out. You’ll save money, too. Fill a little plastic pot with something healthy to snack on, such as sunflower seeds or carrot sticks, or keep an apple in your handbag.
4. Hide the salt

Consuming too much salt can cause high blood pressure and other health problems. Don’t put salt out at mealtimes, and choose no- or low-salt versions of your favorite groceries, from breakfast cereals to ready meals and ketchup. After 40 days you won’t miss it!

5. Drink more fluids

On average an adult woman needs the equivalent of about eight 200ml glasses of fluid each day to help her body stay healthy and flush out waste. Quenching your thirst with drinks like water and fresh juices (with no sugar added) is preferable.