Honey is one of the favourite food people. In addition to its sweet nature, it also provides a lot of health benefits to its consumers.

While some prefer to take it with bread, others also prefer to add it to their meals.

Honey, in general, reduces the risks of cancers and also helps reduce disorders such as ulcer. But the food has much more advantages than we may think.

Pulse.com.gh has compiled 3 benefits of honey to the skin.

1. It heals wounds and burns quickly


Studies have shown that honey can be used to heal a wound quickly when applied on the skin. It is believed that it is combined with Silver Sulfadiazine it becomes a conventional treatment. It also has a drying effect which helps to heal wounds on quick time.

2. Good for treatment of acne (pimpoles)

Honey is also a very good ingredient for people who are battling with acnes on their faces. Honey contains humectants which help fight against the acne bacterial.

It is most effective when applied raw to the affected area, left for about 30 minutes and then rinsed with warm water.

3. Helps to treat eczema


People that suffer from eczema usually have dry and flaky skin. But that can be treated by drinking a mixture of honey and lime juice. You can also mix the honey with cider vinegar – but that is only if you can contend the sour taste of vinegar.